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      So i just got my first seeds! Glu-Scout Cookies Auto Flower. I’ve done hours of research learning the diffrences between indicas, sativas, ruderals, etc. Now its finally time to put this somewhat of knowledge to the test, im thinling of growing in my balcony (2nd floor apartment), the obvious essentials are the soil, light, pot, water, air, & of course the seeds. What else would i be missing? I hate to say that i have to go low budget but i know i need trimmers…. & well thats all i can think of, any more suggestions? Things that might be helpful but yet low budget( low budget is great but i do want to make sure the quality isnt affected so im open to all suggestions)

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      If you can, there’s a product called One Shot from Oregon’s Only Organics. Top dress your soil once a month and BAM! Plants do really good with it. I don’t run it by itself but have seen numerous people post with using it by itself outdoors and have great results. I think a 2 pound bag is like 40 dollars.
      Hope this helps, good luck with your grow!

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