How to Identify Quality Cannabis Seeds

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Cannabis seeds are where cannabis life begins. However, not all seeds are good and so you have to sort through the good ones and the bad ones so that you can grow some good cannabis buds. How do you tell when cannabis seeds are bad or good? Let’s explore these two different options.

If you want to grow incredible cannabis plants, you should begin with the appropriate fundamentals. You have to sow the highest quality cannabis seeds to essentially encourage your seeds to grow vigorous and dynamic plants. You have to know how to differentiate between the seeds that are of the lowest and highest quality. This will save you tons of time and money.

For each small seed, you have to consider the various aspects and features that include the size, shape, sex, color, origin, strain and gender. We have provided you with some of the details that will help you to distinguish the ultimate cannabis seeds from the ones that are useless.

The Good Seed

How do you figure out which seed is good? Well, at first glance, it has to look healthy. To detect good cannabis seeds, you have to also know what to expect in shape, color and size, even though these features don’t always guarantee successfully sprouting. Healthy seeds will usually be grey, brown or black with darker spots and lines that do not usually have an expected pattern. The coat of the seed will be waxy, reflecting light when it is exposed. The healthy cannabis seeds will usually appear very large once developed. However, there is still no guarantee in sprouting seeds.

The Bad Seed

How do you figure out which seed is good? At first glance, the seeds have to be either green or white. With this kind of coloration, it means that the cannabis seeds have not fully matured. This is especially true, if you see the seeds cracking, breaking or have dents. That is when you know it is of low quality. Most times, how the seed was handled before you purchased it will make a difference in whether it is good or bad. And sometimes, it is a matter of being lucky how it turns out.

The Initial Testing Phase

There are a few ways to test your cannabis seeds to determine quality. First, you should expose the seeds to light to determine if it has a waxy sheen to its surface. Try to crush the seed between the thumbs and if it crushes or crumbles, it means that it is bad.

There is another way to test and that is by using the floating method. This is when you insert the cannabis seeds into lukewarm water poured into a glass. If the seeds float above the water, it means that they are not of the best quality. The ones that sink to the bottom of the glass of water are of higher quality. However, it is best to use the floating method before you germinate the seeds. If you don’t, then the moisture is going to damage your cannabis seeds.

You can germinate in the same glass of water, but the seeds have to come out of the water prior to the next day and less than 24 hours. After they are taken out of the water, you would have to put them into a grow container or on a damp paper towel. If you go over 24 hours, the seeds will suck up the water in the glass and eventually die from too much moisture.

The Germination Procedure

You can also test your cannabis seeds for quality by using the germination procedure. The actual method is known as the germination sandwich method. Put a piece of wet paper towel on a flat surface such as a plate. Fold the paper towel twice so that it is thick enough. Place the cannabis seeds on the wet paper towel. The seeds should be 3cm or more apart from each other to prevent the roots from tangling.

Put a wet folded paper towel on top of the same seeds and put a plate over it to finalize the germination sandwich method. After two days, watch if the seeds sprout and if so, they should be sowed and it also means that they are of high quality.

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